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How to open a bank account in India?

In you wish to create an account in India then it would be great if you try to open it with one powerful and influential bank in India. Any bank that has a real good name all over India and also in the south Asian region should be the ideal choice for you. There should be many facilities available to you as such in such a internet bank account. Make most of it and try to check out the interest rates per annum and reach your decision actually. Various financial institutions provide online internet banking accounts for companies registered outside India as well as for individuals. If you have deep questions then you must try and visit one of their branches if you want to open a savings account out there. Let us have a look at the things which you are expected to do if you wish to open a bank account in India.

Firstly you need to visit their online banking website. Whichever bank you may choose to go with, you must make it a point and visit their website. As you login, you will find an option reading resources, you need to click on that. By clicking on this option you shall find the nearest bank branch in your area. Now as you locate the place, you will get to find their exact address or phone number. You simply need to give them a call in order to let them know that you are interested in opening a savings account in their branch. A money order, check or rupees are some of things you will require if you wish open a savings bank account. Most of the bank in India would require your age to be above 18. With a minimum amount of money you need to open your bank account. For example if it is the state bank of India then the minimum amount is rupees 1000 ($19). For many other banks the value may vary. Now you need to tell the bank teller that you are interested in opening a savings bank account with them. This person would directly transfer you to a bank representative who would further take care of your interests. He would help you to open a new bank savings bank account.

Now you are expected to share some personal details with the bank representative. There are certain requirements and rules of a bank and one is expected to follow it. You have to provide the bank representative your photo identification proof, and among personal information you are expected to let him know your name, full address, email id and phone number and you also need to clearly state whether you happen to be a citizen of India or not. After you get to provide your information to the bank representative you can hand him over your deposit. Mention in words how much amount you would like to add in your account in order to open your bank account. If you wish you can also take an international ATM card, so that you get to enjoy all the benefits when you are not here in the city itself. But for that you would require to pay an additional amount as fee or charges. Then, you need to collect your passbook from the bank. Also do make it a point to collect your password if you wish to enjoy your internet banking facilities. You will be notified of any additional information over ATM card and updates over your mail within a period of 10 to 20 proper working days. So you need not worry over that. So here we have discussed in brief, how to open a savings bank account in some well reputed bank of India.