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Thanks a lot for helping me register for a internet bank account in India. The process was very simple.


# Maneesha Gupta, London - U.K


Wow.. your NRI banking service was incredible. I never had such a great experience setting up a account.


# Ariban Chatterjee, NY - U.S.A


How we help you?

At we assist Non Resident Indians (NRIs), People of India Origin (PIOs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and other Foreign Organizations registered abroad to open online bank accounts in India, without coming to India. We have tie-ups with various banks that you can chose from and later help you with opening checking, saving, NRE or NRO account as preferred.

We act as a agent between the Bank & You (client), by offering you assistance for opening an account in various banks of India, Quickly & Hassle Free.!!

Different Types of Bank Accounts that we can help you to Open in India.!

Our goal is to provide affordable accounts that Indian banks have to offer, to our clients and help them to chose and open the best offline or internet bank account possible without having problems and long waits.

For NRIs, PIOs, OCIs and Foreign Nationals:

  (NRO) Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account: A NRI or Person of India origin is allowed to open a NRO account with any Indian bank without prior approval from the RBI. You can also open this account jointly and can be held as a savings, current or fixed deposit (FD) account. Once you return back to India permanently, this account can be converted into a normal resident account. read more

  (NRE) Non Resident External Rupee Account: This account again can be opened without any approval from the 'Reserve Bank of India', only if the funds for this particular account are transferred in the form of freely convertible foreign currencies. This account can be jointly held & may be opened as a saving, current, recurring or fixed deposit account. Interest earned on this account are exempt from taxation.
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  (FCNR) Foreign Currency Non Resident Account: This is one of the most affordable bank accounts in India that comes with very low balance maintenance fees, however the funds can be kept only as term deposits. You may keep your money in the form of US dollars, Sterling Pounds, Deutsche Mark, Japanese Yen and Dinars. The deposit is accepted for a period not below six months. You can wire transfer any of the above foreign currencies in this account and the interest is exempt from taxes.
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For Foreign Business Companies & Other Organizations:

  Current Account: This account is a very popular account used by various international companies. If you are a foreign business or company not registered in India and want to open a business bank account then this is just the right corporate banking solution for. The bank allows you (as a foreign company) to carry any number of daily banking transactions, provided your business account has funds available in it.

  Cash Credit Account: In this account the bank lends out money against the security of commodities. This can be termed as over-draft but the money is only lent if you collateralize your commodity securities. The company holding the account can only withdraw a certain amount of money know as the 'limit' or 'credit facility', that is fixed by the bank on the basis of the percentage of the value of the commodities.

How to START your Bank Account Opening Process with us:

You Start your 'Bank Account Opening Process'
with us by paying our assistance fee. Our Adviser then discusses your banking needs with you + sends you required account opening applications + help you fill them up and follows-up with the chosen bank till you receive your checkbook & Debit card, etc.

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Receive the application forms + Simple Instructions to fill them up.
Send them to us - We submit them & follow-up your case with the bank.
Your account is opened & you receive your debit card + checkbooks - abroad.!



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